Entry #2

Derp, been a while XD

2015-06-19 18:49:09 by JJSwift

:P Check meh you tube channel out, and DA. :D




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2015-06-20 00:45:58

Welcome back!! Also awesome hxh vid on there hehe, I just started watching it actually and I love it so much. Idk why it took me so long to get into it! Do you still post on your channel? Be glad to sub4sub with ya ;)

JJSwift responds:

Thanks man! And of course i still post on my channel. :3 And i shall sub ye. Liked the introduction thing on your channel. :D


2015-06-23 10:28:07

Tight yeah I worked pretty hard on that at the time hahaha, I also really like those sonic videos that you're doing! I tried to see most of them because you have a LOT of them but the fighting videos are definitely my fav hehe the one with knuckles and shadow fighting <3 and the drawing ones are pretty cool too! Keep it up :>

JJSwift responds:

Thanks man! I will. :D